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River Rose Plantcestral Medicines

** If you are interested in purchasing any of the below products for online order, please directly contact Layla at river.rose.layla@gmail.com. Include a specific description of which product you would like, the size you desire (1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, etc.), and your phone number or preferred contact information. A direct transaction will be further processed via email and Paypal.

Quality & Ethics:

River Rose makes every effort possible to use only high-grade medicinal quality herbs, extracts, and medicines by utilizing organic, home or locally grown, and/or ethically wildcrafted plant matter free of pesticides, chemicals, and proximity to intense pollution and roadsides, etc.  Medicines are harvested, prepared, and cared for in an intentional and traditional way to regard the sacredness of their healing potency, and the bodies & spirits of all who they will be experienced by.  All these medicines are hand-made with great care.

Rue leaves.

Where to find our medicines in Person:

La Botanica Azul SF Bay Area, CA

La Botanica Azul SF Bay Area, CA

Super Juiced in Oakland, CA

Super Juiced in Oakland, CA

EcoSouk in Beirut, Lebanon

EcoSouk in Beirut, Lebanon

Villa Paradiso in Batroun, Lebanon

Villa Paradiso in Batroun, Lebanon

Osana Family Wellness in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Osana Family Wellness in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

And other seasonal vending markets throughout California & the SWANA region including LURN Network, QUEER Care, Caracoal Market, and others TBA. 

Plantcestral formulas available for purchase

Please note: the below prices do not include shipping. Shipping prices will be added to each mailed order respectively. 


Single plant Tinctures & Flower Essences

We are now offering single plant tinctures, all made in ceremony with great care, with organic, ethically wildcrafted, or locally grown plantcestors, in high grade organic bio-dynamic grape alcohol (unless otherwise stated. 

1-oz - $15

2-oz - $26

For amounts larger than 2-oz, consult me via email to inquire.

Please also note, if you have SINGLE FLOWER ESSENCES you are in need of, please feel free to consult me via email regarding what I have available. I can offer them to you in a base of Brandy & Sacred Spring water, or in an Apple Cider Vinegar base if you would like to have an alcohol-free essence. Price is a 1/2 oz bottle for $11. 

Plant Tinctures Available:

* Angelica Root, Angelica Archangelica

* Aralia Root aka. Spikenard,  Aralia Racemosa

* Black Haw, Viburnum Prinifolium

* Blessed Thistle, Cnicus Benedictus

* Calamus Root, Acorus Calamus

* California Poppy, Escholzia Californica

* Comfrey, Symphytum Uplandicum

* Elecampane Root, Inula Helenium

* Fo-ti Root, Polygonum Multiflorum 

* Ginger Root, Zingiber Officinale

* Lavender (in Rum), Lavendula Spp.

* Milk Thistle Seed, Silybum Marinarum

Mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris

* Mullein Leaf, Verbascum Spp. 

* Ocotillo Bark, Fouquieria Splendens

* Partridgeberry, Mitchella Repens 

* Pleurisy Root, Asclepius Tuberosa

* Reishi (double extraction), Ganoderma Lucidum

* Rosehips, Rosa spp. 

* Tumeric with Black Pepper, Curcuma Longa with Piper Nigrum

* Vervain, Verbena Hastata

* Vitex Berry, Vitex Agnus-castus

* Wild Yam Root, Dioscorea villosa

* White Willow Bark, Salix Alba

* Yarrow, Achillea Millefolium

* Yellow Dock Root, Rumex Crispus


RESILIENT - Trauma support remedy

This remedy was created to support folks experiencing trauma, shock, and deep emotional/spiritual distress of any kind. It was originally made as part of a care package I sent to folks in Boriken (colonially referred to as Puerto Rico) in the aftermath of the hurricanes in 2017, as well as to the undocumented communities of Northern California who were facing fires and displacement around the same time.  I've decided to offer it to the broader community indefinitely. Funds raised from this remedy will allow me to replenish and continue to send resources to kin in crisis in the future, while supporting trauma healing on the regular- something so many of us could use deeper support around. 

Ingredients: a microdosis of rue infused honey wine, olive leaf, and honey, with 7 special flower essences.

Dosage: 1-5 drops directly under tongue 1-3x/day.  Unless pregnant or taking prescription medications, in which case dilute 1-3 drops in a cup of water 1-2x/day.

1/2 oz bottle - $13  

SWANA Flower Essence Collection

It is a blessing to share with you all the start of a new line of Flower Essence medicine featuring our first 3 VERY SPECIAL essences: a trinity of 3 particularly profound (and sacred) plantcestors of the SWANA region. These are the first of a serious of SWANA Flower Essences that I hope to add more to over time, allowing people of all corners of this earth to work with and honor the healing medicine of our SWANA plantcestors. It is my understanding that the vibration of these medicines and the sacred stories and places that they originate from are powerful allies to support the elevation and healing of our consciousness at a time on earth where we so desperately need it. They are a safe, powerful, sustainable, accessible, and intimate way for me to share some of the medicine of my SWANA homelands with you so that you can experience the healing and teachings of these sacred ancestral places in your own bodies and spirits. Flower Essences are for EVERYONE and are a beautiful blessing that I am thankful to share.

$15 each or the whole trinity for $40

🌲 Lebanese Cedar (Cedrus Libani) - sacred trees acknowledged as gateways to the spiritual realm by all ancient civilizations of the SWANA region. This flower essence supports increased confidence, stregnth, creativity, & an ability to attune to messages from deep inside yourself & the universe. This medicine supports us to confront, express, & liberate unresolved emotional pain, fear, and trauma. 

🌸 NEFERTUM (Egyptian Blue Lotus) - a site of creation in the Egyptian cosmologies, and the embodiment of the neter Nefertum- guardian of healing balms, aromatherapy, and the arts. This flower essence supports us to rise above the earthly stresses that affect our lives, imbuing a sense of lightness and coolness to the spirit. It connects us to the mysteries of Kemet (Ancient Egypt). 

🌱 "The Flower of Blessings" (Nigella Damascena) - most known for its medicinal seeds, considered sacred in Islam and called “the seed of blessings” in Arabic. This flower essence supports us to unveil and unblock constricted areas in our lives, facilitating shifts towards greater alignment. It is connected to the star realms & to cosmological sites and stories. It facilitates dream travel and a sense of expansiveness.

Swana Herbal Book

"Love is in the Homeland: SWANA Plantcestors for Healing and Re-Membrance", a 20 page digital OR printed book featuring medicinal profiles, remedies, and recipes of 5 accessible and powerful SWANA plantcestors, as well as tips and reflections on how to do ancestral re-claimation and re-membrance work, how to prepare herbal medicines, and more. It is full of photos and practical and spiritual info for supporting our health of body and soul in an every day way, all compiled and written by me and with a special SWANA flavor. This book was written as part of a fundraiser to support my Homeward Healing journey through the SWANA region in the Spring-Fall of 2016. Ongoing funds are being raised to continue embodied research work within the SWANA region.

$11-$111, online version
$22-$222, printed version


Flower Essences are a powerful and extremely safe form of herbal medicine geared to transforming the consciousness and spirit, healing the energetic root of our ailments. To learn more about them, visit our Flower Realm page

The essences are sold individually for $13 each, or as a set of 5 for $60. All 8 formulas are sold together for $88. 

They are in 1/2 oz dropper bottles, and the recommended dosage is 1-5 drops 2-3x/day.

The individual descriptions and ingredients are described here:

PLEASE NOTE: Currently (as of August 2018), the only remedies available thru mail order are Intuition, Sweet Hearted, Protected, & Courage.



Our sense of smell connects us to our most ancient body of memories. Through smell alone, we are able to realign all the neuro-receptors in our brain to achieve deep healing. These fragrance oils are made of high quality essential oils in a base of carrier oil so that they are safe to apply directly on your body to evoke the support of each one respectively.

ANCESTORS/ORACLE  - To support connection to the ancestral and spiritual realms, excellent for divination work, dream work, and ancestral re-membrance work.  

Ingredients: Essential oils of Mexican Marigold, Mugwort, Bay Laurel, infused oil of Chaparral, Nigella Seed oil, in a base of Acacia infused Olive Oil. 

Offered for $22.


A fragrant medicinal spritzer to purify, protect, and replenish yourself or your environment emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Perfect for community health workers, educators, activists - in between clients, meetings, classes, or throughout a long day of work - or in times of interpersonal conflict, deep emotional work, or any challenges that find you needing to replenish, gain new perspective, or lighten up. Lovely for anyone who is in an emotionally overwhelming or taxing context, or who works with a lot of people and needs support replenishing, OR if you just want to love up on yourself and refresh :). 

Ingredients: Rose water, Essential oils of Basil & Myrrh

2 oz bottle for $22



(CURRENTLY DISCONTINUED - consider using the Breast, Lymph, and Pain Massage Oil as an alternative, as it has similar medicinal qualities and makes an excellent womb massage oil)

* This oil (as well as the Breast, Lymph, & Pain Massage Oil) was inspired directly by the plantcestars. In the midst of being trained and performing a ritual of self womb massage, several of these plants revealed themselves to me in my prayer, requesting their use in a womb massage oil. Both these oils were made with honor to these plantcestars and their healing whispers. May their masterful healing be received by all who are touched by this medicine.

This oil can be used to nourish, heal, and tonify the womb area, bringing warmth, circulation, and easing inflammation and stagnation.  It was crafted with the intention of both spiritual and physical healing support, with herbs that have been used traditionally with an affinity to the womb and its practical and spiritual purpose and well being. If used regularly, it may be helpful in regulating stagnant periods, preventing and easing fibroids, easing menstrual and premenstrual pain, and generally nourishing the uterus. It makes an excellent self-love oil, and would be lovely if used after a ritual bath for self-nourishment.


Best when used regularly and with intention.  If you are trained in specific womb massage techniques, you can use this oil to perform them. Otherwise, rub gently in circular motion around the womb, always in a clockwise direction. Use up to 2 times per day. Can also be used to ease inflammation throughout the body. 

*Avoid usage while pregnant.*


Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Rose, Sage, Yarrow, Tumeric, Rosemary Essential Oil

2 oz jar- $25

Part of our Womb Care Medicinals line.



* This oil (as well as the Healing Womb Massage Oil) was inspired directly by the plantcestars. In the midst of being trained and performing a ritual of self womb massage, several of these plants revealed themselves to me in my prayer, requesting their use in a healing massage oil. Both these oils were made with honor to these plantcestars and their healing whispers. May their masterful healing be received by all who are touched by this medicine.

This medicine was created to bring healing, balance, and flow, restoring spiritual and physical health to breast/chest, lymphatic, and reproductive/womb areas, as well as decrease inflammation, stagnation, and pain anywhere in the body.  It can ease breast tenderness and pain, support the prevention of breast cancer, and support healthy circulation throughout the womb, gut, and lymphatic systems. It has gentle hormone balancing qualities as well and smells delicious. This oil also has the benefit of being emotionally balancing and grounding, supportive in easing grief and sadness, and encouraging clarity and DREAMS!


Best when used regularly and with intention. Rub gently in circular motions over breasts/chest, under arms, and in clockwise motion over womb/reproductive/gut area. Alternatively, use on any part of the body suffering pain. Can use up to 2 times a day. 

*Avoid usage while pregnant or nursing.*


Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Mugwort, Ginger Root, Myrtle Leaf, Violet, Clary Sage Essential Oil

2 oz jar - $25

4 oz jar - $42

Part of our Womb Care Medicinals line. 

NERVE NOURISH TEA- Now available in Tea Bags!

This tea calms the nerves, helping us move through emotions such as anxiety, stress, and sorrow with greater ease. It softens the heart and spirit into a more receptive state, while simultaneously grounding us and supporting the qualities we need to achieve emotional balance at the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional levels. It is nourishing to the body's nervous system and also offers protection and grounding to us as we navigate these challenging emotions in our lives.

One of my *favorite* things about this tea is that it is comprised of plants who grow natively in both California and Lebanon, my diasporic and ancestral homelands! 

Recommended usage, 1tsp per cup of water. Pour boiling water over the tea and steep, covered for at least 8-20 minutes. Drinking tea is an ancient ritual. Prepare with intention and presence for strongest healing results.

15 tea bags - $11.00

Ingredients: Lemon Balm, Nettles, Sage, Rose, Yarrow. 

Part of our Healing the Heart of Connection line.

Grief Ease

We all have to deal with loss in our lives. Whether it is the death of a loved one, separation from our homeland, breaking up with a beloved friend or partner, suffering the impacts of collective trauma and war, or coping with the deep internal sense of grief sometimes evoked by big life initiations and healing which require us to "let go". Grief is one of the most profound and sacred emotions we as humans go through. It is the threshold between one state of reality to another, the experience through which we release something that has meant a lot to us and are unsure what will be ushered in beyond it.  It can feel like we ourselves are dying and being reborn. This formula is created to support the healing and transformation of grief, loss, and "letting go" in all its forms.   

Recommended usage is 3-12 drops under or directly on the tongue 2-3xs per day, or as needed. 

1 oz - $20


Extracts and essences of Sage, Pleurisy Root, Violets, Comfrey, Zoofa (Lebanese Hyssop), Distilled water. 

*Only use 1-3 drops as energetic formula if pregnant or nursing*

**This is an alcohol free formula!**

Part of our Healing the Heart of Connection line.





A spiritual bath for spiritual purification, healing, ancestral connection, and protection. Cultivates greater connection to your personal ancestral guides, protection from unwelcome spiritual energies, and healing of body, emotions, and spirit.  Supports ancestral healing journey and deepens relationship to original ancestral ways and the wisdom of your own authentic essence.  A great bath for when you are feeling spiritually or emotionally off kilter, needing to access clearer guidance, or working through ancestral traumas and wounds. 


Use 1-3 handfuls in a bath. Be intentional in your preparation, speaking to the waters and medicines about your healing needs and efforts before and during bathing. You can also sprinkle this medicine in the corners of your room/home to protect & bless your space.


Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Coconut Oil, Tobacco, Chapparal (Organic- not wildcrafted), Myrrh, Obsidian Essence, Rosemary Essential Oil

12oz jar - $13


[Photo taken by Candice Rose Valenzuela.]

[Photo taken by Candice Rose Valenzuela.]

Teacher's Aide- SOLD OUT!!!

This formula is co-created through a heartfelt collaboration between River Rose Apothecary and the Teacher HEALTH Project (THP). River Rose Apothecary created and prepared this formula, with creative input from THP about what teachers greatest needs are. It is designed to support and uplift teachers and educators at the physical, emotional, and energetic levels. To learn more about the Teacher HEALTH Project, an amazing organization dedicated to bringing deep wellness to our educators, including at the ancestral level, contact Candice Rose Valenzuela at Valenzuela.CandiceRose@gmail.com, or visit her blog Teacher Talks Trauma. The limited edition formula can be purchased through River Rose or The Teacher HEALH Project, while supplies last.

Recommended usage is 5-12 drops 2-3xs per day.

This formula is being offered for $18 for a limited time only.


Extracts and essences of Reishi, California Poppy, Rosehips, Yerba Santa, Hawthorn, Yarrow, Rue, and Self-heal Flower made on the Venus transit, preserved in Grape alcohol.

image (11).jpeg

رواق -Tranquil Mind


This formula is dedicated specifically to the people in Lebanon and the surrounding region.  It alleviates the impacts of anxiety, distress, and shock, supports the fatigued nervous system, nourishes and uplifts the spirit. It will be available in Lebanon during the Summer of 2014.  Contact me directly, or keep posted here for specific details on where to purchase. 

Recommended usage is 8-20 drops 2-3x's per day. You can take it directly in your mouth, or in hot water as a tea.

1 oz- $20

**Do not use if you are pregnant** 


Sage, Chamomile, California Poppy, and plant essences of Skullcap, Passionflower, Anemone Pulsatilla, Rue Flower, and Self-heal Flower made on the Venus transit, Organic Biodynamic Grape Alcohol

Part of our Healing the Heart of Connection line.