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JOIN our Ancestor HUB on Patreon!

📢 WE INVITE YOU to join our Ancestor HUB, via Patreon!

an extension of our original SWANA Ancestral Medicine HUB + نجمع جذورنا | reGather our Ancestors project. it was established by the participants of our Plantcestral re-Memberance for SWANA Healing courses over the past 5+ years.

#patreon is a membership based platform where folks can subscribe on a monthly or by-post basis to gain access to our offerings + support our growing body of work in an ongoing way. we are using patreon to run an online magazine of sorts dedicated to themes of SWANA #ancestral + #plantcestral re-membrance.

we are a multi-ethnic group of #SWANA* folks in motherland and diaspora, re-membering ourselves home. restoring the integrity of our relationships and relatedness. our wholeness and unity. the sacred, severed, and lost.

we are re-collecting ancestral stories, memories, and wisdoms alive in our bones. in collaboration with each other, our ancestors + plantcestors, the water, stories, and soils we live on and come from. co-creating, dreaming, and collaborating to revive roadmaps of ancestral inheritance towards a more wise and dignified future. a more just and life-affirming world.

if you find yourself here, it is not by accident.

on our patreon, we share & cross-pollinate pieces of our SWANA re-memberance with you through original works published every New and Full Moon by different members of our diversely brilliant collective.

your patronage will help us become more accessible to our communities and world by making scholarship funds, co-creative residencies, and the manifestation of our dream archival platform possible so we can truly deepen, share, and expand this work.

learn more on our Patreon page, and be sure to check out our VERY FIRST offering, a podcast interview with Sara Abdullah (of Earth Seed Holistic) and Layla K. Feghali (of River Rose Apothecary) about the backstory inspirations behind this work.

and be sure to join us on Instagram @swana.ancestral for regular updates:

#swanaancestral #ancestralrememberance #ancestralhealing

*SWANA = South West Asia + North Africa, a less colonial way to address the diverse geographical region usually called Middle East + North Africa.

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