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Plantcestors for Emotional Health

Plantcestors Emotional Health.png

This is one of my favorite and closest to the heart subjects. Some of y’all know I am actually trained in mental health and emotional/spiritual health from both western and traditional healing perspectives before even formally training in herbs, and trauma related healing (somatic approaches too) and all the relational healing underneath it all are what really set me on this path (esp after the movement just sayin and yeah, I still consider what I do liberation/movement work fyi, just more refined the older I get and more I integrate understanding and follow the root of what oppresses and allows us to be oppressed). I will incorporate a lot of integrated knowledge thru this offering.

In addition to getting to know some plantcestors that can help us through things like anxiety, depression and sadness, despair, and anger, it will include some important conversations about grieving, trauma, and relationship and lots more. Sheesh. We might need to make it a day long in the jabal somewhere. 

I have not decided exactly where I will conduct this workshop yet. Maybe in Beirut or maybe in Kfaraabida again, or maybe in the Jabal (if you have suggestions or know of somewhere to host, I am open to hearing them). 

Please spread the word (I posted it on IG and FB and you can share easily there or via this webpage) to anyone who may be interested in joining or may benefit from this information. And please let me know ASAP if you will join us so I can save your spot. Space will be limited.