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AIR: Blooming into Spring - Flower medicines to heal the consciousness & spirit

This is part 3 of our 4 part yearly series. The 4 parts are as follows: 
1- (Fall) CENTER: Building relationships with our Plantcestors & Ancestors, and... 
EARTH: Fall transitions - Healing the nervous system, recovering from stress, anxiety, & trauma
2- (Winter) WATER: Navigating Winter’s Underworld- Easing grief & sadness
3- (Spring) AIR: Blooming into Spring - Flower medicines to heal the consciousness & spirit
4- (Summer) FIRE: Summer vitality - Following our purpose, honoring our creativity

On the weekend of the Spring Equinox, we will honor the energies of this transition by working with flower medicines! Some of my FAVORITE of all. Flower essences are powerful water based medicines which work at the vibrational level to support deep healing. Want to learn more about them? You can read here

Flowers have been used for healing and ritual all over the world for thousands of years. We will learn how to make flower essences, learn what they are used for, a bit about their history, and engage in a group healing process of community with the flower realm to make a healing essence together and understand how to connect with its medicine. This day-long intensive will be in an outdoor park working with the energies and plants of the Chumash and Tongva lands we live on. Entering the magic of the flower realm together is always a very beautiful experience. You will all take home the flower essence(s) we make together. 

A natural outdoor area in Los Angeles (exact address TBA at registration)

Email to register & complete payment before
March 2. 

Before Feb 24 - $111
After Feb 24 - $135
As a package with the WATER workshop by Feb 24 - $150/ $185 after the 20th. (WATER workshop link)
(All medicine making materials included.)

* This is a QT/QTPOC/POC affirmative space.*

* Location is still to be determined, and it will be in an outdoor area in L.A. and will likely involve some light hiking.
* Some of the plant medicines we are working with may have strong scents including the smudging aromatic plants at the begining of our class.
* If you have a disability and require a specific accomodation in order to participate, please feel free to reach out to me personally and we can work together to make it possible for you best I can!