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SWANA Plantcestral reMembrance: Exploring Plantcestors of our Cosmologies, Folklore, and "Magic"

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*Please note: this class is a SWANA* community space. We ask that non-SWANA allies support by sharing it with SWANA friends and by donating to our scholarship fund if you feel called to! (*SWANA is a less Euro-centric term to identify the region commonly known as the Middle East and North Africa and its native people.*

This season, we will explore a handful of plants that are significant in our ancestor's cosmologies, folklore, and "magical" practice. Our ancestral plants carry the memory and wisdom of our ancestral homeland, resonating with the deepest essence of our own bodies and spirits. This series will be a journey to reconnect with our SWANA ancestral plants through experiential learning & collective sharing. It will offer a structure with guided activities and knowledge about how to deepen relationship with plants as medicine, a journey of relationship building with a small group of SWANA medicinal plants which carry significance in our ancestors cosmologies, folklore, and "magical" practice, hands on work with the plants on your own in between our meetings, shared knowledge about the medicinal values, some basic medicine making techniques, group plant meditations, dreaming with plants, and a group exploration of the relevant cosmological stories and folkloric oral wisdom associated with the plants we are exploring. Each participant will receive a package of plants to work with from home. 

Your participation in engaging the plantcestors and the stories together in class and in between meetings is truly what will make this circle most profound, so please come ready to be present and pro-active in co-creating this space. It is not normal "school" :) talking, feeling, sharing, will be as important as listening.

ONLINE class (SWANA* only, please). We will be meeting via conference on Google+. 

*Your live attendance is required and expected for each class.* Classes will not be recorded. There is also homework that will require you to spend at least 5 minutes per day (the more time the better) with each plant we are working with and other suggested activities.

* SWANA is a less Euro-centric term to identify the region commonly known as the Middle East and North Africa and its native people. 


We will meet on 4 Monday evenings from Jan-Feb
from 5:20-8:20 PM PST/ 8:20-11:20 PM EST
Jan 11
Jan 18 (note that there is a 2 week break between these 2 classes only)
Feb 1
Feb 8

Must register & complete payment by Mon, Dec 28. 

Fill out this application to register for this class:

Once your application is accepted, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to complete payment. All these steps must be complete before Dec 28 in order to participate. Please apply as early as possible to ensure this can happen smoothly. 

*There are only 9 spaces for this class, and a 5 person minimum to ensure it can happen.

$195 - $222 sliding scale** ($36-$43/live class + $50 for herbal package and shipping) {read below re: scholarship. please contact me directly for more info.}

**A note on sliding scale: I do this to make it as accessible as possible to as much community as possible. However, please consider that in order for me to dedicate myself to this work, I rely on community support. If you are able to pay the top of the sliding scale without creating a hardship in your day-to-day life, please do so. This will allow me to create possibility for those in our community who cannot afford the bottom of the sliding scale, making it a richer experience for us all. 

For each 3 people who sign up within the sliding-scale rate, I will be offering a greatly reduced scholarship fee to 1 community member who needs assistance financially to participate. This will allow for 3 scholarship positions in a full class, thanks to your help!

- Share with your SWANA communities, networks and friends!
- Donate to our scholarship fund! Send donations via PayPal to with a note saying "SWANA love scholarship fund" ♥.