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Plantcestral reMembrance for SWANA Healing *extended ONLINE series*

  • The Diaspora & beyond! Online Series (map)

This 5 class ONLINE series is for SWANA* community to engage in embodied learning about our ancestral plants and their uses as medicinal and spiritual allies.  Our ancestral plants carry the DNA of our homelands, of our ancestors, and resonate this memory with the truths that live deep inside our own bodies and hearts. We will work with this relationship to access deeply held wisdom, revitalize lost bodies of knowledge, and re-establish relationship to ourselves, our ancestors, and the resilience and medicine available through being in conscious relationship with the natural and spiritual worlds.  Each participant will receive a package of SWANA native plant medicines to work with through the course of our class.

To all the diasporic folk who wished to be in our Bay Area class a few months ago, THIS ONLINE SERIES WAS CREATED FOR YOU!


In this class we will:

* Develop the fundamental tools to work with plants as medicinal and spiritual allies

* Gain & generate knowledge about medicinal plants native to the SWANA region

* Deepen relationship with our ancestors

* Connect to our own internal wisdom, intuition, and the cues of the natural world to support our day-to-day lives and healing

* Connect to and honor our ancestral lands (even from the diaspora!)

* Receive a package of SWANA plantcestral medicines to work, heal, and learn with at home

* Explore and revitalize traditional ways of healing ourselves and our communities

* Take a personal journey into the plantcestral and ancestral realms with the support of a safe community


**Please note- this class is for people with *native ancestry* from the SWANA (aka. Middle East and North Africa) region only.** Other classes dedicated to similar themes are offered by River Rose throughout the year to broader audiences. Thank you for respecting this space.


Every other Thursday for the Fall season. Times will be determined based on the group’s needs and time zones (fill out the registration to apply).

Days of meeting:

October 8, October 22, November 5, November 19, December 3

These are NOT pre-recorded classes. Please plan to be present via video conference call on Google video for all of the sessions. The class will accommodate a maximum of 13 people.

We will also have a private email list/forum in which we will correspond, support one another, and share in between classes in order to deepen our education through these 10 weeks, and Layla will be available for personal support throughout.

$333 Total + Cost of Shipping
(TBD based on your location):

$225 for 5 classes ($45/ 3hr class)+
$108 for SWANA plantcestral medicine package

Register by filling out this brief application form and emailing it back to with a $158 deposit (plus shipping cost TBD at registration) by Sept. 28th. This is the LAST day possible for me to send your herbal package to you in time for you to participate in the class. Instructions for payment will be exchanged via email upon receipt of your registration form. Remainder of fees ($175) must be paid by Oct 20th unless otherwise arranged. *If you are outside the US or Canada, please register before Sept 20 to ensure the package arrives to you on time.*

* An early bird special of $300 + Shipping if you register and pay in full by Sept 21st. *

Please speak to me directly for alternative payment arrangements if necessary, at

*Please note: The value of this class + herbs easily exceeds $400. It is being offered as a discounted community price in the hopes that it can be more accessible to those who would like to participate. If funds are still an issue, please talk to me directly and I will do my BEST to work something out with you!*