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Plantcestral Allies for Self-Healing, (FALL series)

  • Mid-city, Los Angeles, CA (map)

Part 1 of a 4 part year long series- (FALL)

Starting at the CENTER: Building relationships with our Plantcestors & Ancestors

     - Sunday, Oct 18, 3-6 pm
     - Sunday, Nov 1, 3-7 pm (Day of the Dead *special class with potluck after*)

EARTH: Fall transitions - Healing the nervous system, recovering from stress, anxiety, & trauma

     - Sunday, Nov 22, 3-6 pm
     - Sunday, Dec 6, 3-6 pm

Parts 2-4 of this series are as follows… Details, registration, and dates will be announced for each season separately:

Part 2- WATER: Navigating Winter’s Underworld- Easing grief & sadness

Part 3- AIR: Blooming into Spring - Flower medicines to heal the consciousness & spirit

Part 4- FIRE: Summer vitality - Following our purpose, honoring our creativity

This is Part 1 of a year long series that shares foundational tools and earth-based knowledge to facilitate relationship building with the abundant medicine of the natural and plantcestral* worlds. These relationships are the key to cultivating self-healing and self-development that is resonant, authentic, and foundational to deep healing. We will work with plantcestors as medicine to address specific themes with a natural affinity to each element and season, and will also explore the healing capacity of the elements themselves in helping us address these particular themes of healing. Through embodied experience with plants, medicine making, the elements, our bodies, and an exploration other relevant traditional healing methodologies, we will empower and re-member our own personal ways of communicating and relating to the natural, spiritual, and plantcestral realms for our own healing. We will learn from each other as we learn about ourselves, with the masterful help of our sacred allies and their particular lessons and teachings for each of us respectively, as well as through each other’s reflections and shared wisdom.

In Part 1 of this series, we will:

  • learn the foundations of building relationship with plants as medicine for the body and spirit
  • develop personal relationships with plants that allow us to deepen and rekindle kinship to our own ancestors and their healing support
  • take personal journeys with plantcestral allies that can facilitate our profound healing
  • learn about plant medicines utilized to address anxiety, stress, and trauma and how to prepare them
  • explore the sacred and healing qualities of the earth element and how to understand it for our healing
  • develop understanding of how the spiritual and natural world communicates with us personally
  • make medicine together to take home for personal use
  • learn in the context of a safe community in a sacred space with social justice values

This class is open to anyone who would like to participate. This original series was designed in response to the traumas and healing needs expressed by the Arab community in a time of strife. It is taught through a lens that especially attunes to the needs, challenges, and histories of communities of color. I STRONGLY encourage and welcome QTPOC, WOC, and POC to come to this class and reclaim connection to our self-determined and traditional earth-based ways of healing. This class was truly designed with this intention in mind. 


$200, including all materials & herbs ($50/class) 

To register, email with a $100 deposit by Oct. 6th (payment arranged over email). Remainder of all fees due by Oct 18th, unless arranged otherwise.

Early bird special $185 if you register and pay in full by October 6th.

This series will take place in Mid-city, Los Angeles, CA. Specific address will be shared upon registration.