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Women's Free Healing Clinic: Womb Wellness & Maternal Health

  • DeFremery Park Rec Center 1561 Adeline St Oakland, CA, 94607 United States (map)

River Rose Apothecary is honored to be able to serve once again at this free women's healing clinic with a powerful and resonant mission and a strong group of sister's providing services to better the community. Come through and refer this to others who need healing support, especially if they don't typically have the means to access it. The theme of this particular clinic is womb and maternal health. 

River Rose is strongly aligned with the mission of The Healing Clinic Collective. Their goals and intentions are as follows:

The Healing Clinic Collective came together with a very intentional mission: The bring Healing to the People. As healers and social justice organizers, our goals and intentions are formed with a sacred and political framework:

  • To walk our missions and to share our gifts and medicines with others in reciprocity towards Great Spirit
  • To provide loving traditional healing sessions to people from especially traumatized populations in the Bay Area within a framework that is both sacred and political, specifically for persons who are:

– Domestic violence survivors
– Sexual assault survivors
– Persons in recovery/rehabilitation
– Previously incarcerated
– Overworked and under-cared for
– Low-income
– Undocumented

  • To build relationships between persons in need of natural healing (spiritual, mental or physical) and practitioners in the Bay Area
  • To encourage the resurgence of ancestral ways of healing and health care; to re-establish reverence, respect and legitimacy of non-industrial forms of healing and health care
  • To provide a safe space for queer and two-spirit people to receive healing care
  • To serve as a model for sacred, Earth-based, ancestral services to be offered to people in need without a capitalist/for-profit end