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Plantcestral re-Membering for SWANA Healing

Plantcestral re-Membering for SWANA Healing; 
Love is in the (home)Land <3

This class is a very special opportunity for the SWANA community to gather together to learn, heal, and deepen relationship with our SWANA plantcestors and *ourselves*. We will work specifically with medicinal plants from the SWANA ancestral region through this class. We do this work towards healing, reconnecting, and restoring the wisdom of our homelands and ourselves. The plantcestors carry the DNA of our homelands, of our ancestors, and resonate this memory with that of our own bodies and hearts. We will work with this relationship to access deeply held wisdom and reflections that can bring greater connection and well-being to our lives and communities, re-establishing relationship to the medicine of the natural world and its profound healing ability, and to the unique healing energy of our ancestral homelands and the memory and power they carry to help us live life in greater balance, purpose, and ultimately, with greater justice. 

In this class we will:
* Learn how to work with plants as medicinal allies
* Start building relationships with some of our ancestral plants
* Deepen relationship with our ancestors & traditions
* Connect to and honor our ancestral lands from the diaspora
* Explore and revitalize traditional ways of healing ourselves and our communities
* Make medicine to take home with us
* Learn how to connect to our own internal wisdom, intuition, and the cues of the natural world to support our day-to-day lives

Please note that this class is for people with *native ancestry* from the SWANA (aka. Middle East and North Africa) region only. Other classes with similar themes are offered for broader communities regularly. Stay tuned on the River Rose website for more details. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015
12 - 3:30pm, Oakland, CA (address given upon registration)

Before May 25th - $45-$90 sliding scale, (all materials included)
After May 25th- $63-$99 sliding scale, (all materials included) 
Pre-registration is required- email to register and offer payment.