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Sacred Medicine Garden

This class is a collaboration between Atabey's Rising Tides (ART) and River Rose Apothecary, dedicated to cultivating practical medicine tending skills while connecting more deeply with la tierra, la agua and the plantcestors. It will be both a spiritual and practical journey for creating & connecting with your own medicine garden!

Some activities will include:
* Building relationships with plants and nature in a sacred/mindful way
* Learning about selected medicinal plants
* Doing plant meditations
* Water and soil meditations
* Deepening our relationship with the elements

You will take home practical tools including:
* Hands on experience planting medicinal herbs
* Everything you need to know about soil in order to have happy thriving plants
* Sustainable ways to have a garden during drought
* Seeds we plant together that you get to take home
* What to plant, where to plant it, & how to harvest the medicine you grow


At a residential garden in Oakland’s Fruitvale Area. Specific address will be given to participants upon registration. 


Early bird special - $75 by May 14th, 
$95 after May 14th

To Register:



RaheNi González I'naru of Atabey’s Rising Tides (ART)

RaheNi is a CA Master Gardener, Two-Spirit Cura & Meditation Teacher who lives off the grid in the forest of Mendocino County. 

Layla Kristy Feghali of River Rose Apothecary

Layla is a Plantcestral Matchmaker (aka. Herbalist) and Founder of نجمع جذورنا - reGather our Ancestors Program, dedicated to re-membering and reclaiming the original medicine practices of the SWANA region, and healing our relationship to our ancestors and their indigenous/earth-based wisdom from our respective lineages around the globe.