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Plant Allies for Self-Healing, Parts 2-4

WHAT: Each part of this series will have a different focus and work with a different element towards healing specific issues. It would be best (but is not required) to attend all parts of the series, especially the first one since it will lay a strong foundation for how to work with plants as medicine. Participants will make and take home some form of plant medicine in each session. Special prices offered for taking the whole series. General themes for each session will be as follows: 

Part 1- WIND: Building relationships with Plantcestors & Ancestors for healing (foundations in working with plants as medicine)
Part 2- EARTH: Fall transitions- Healing the nervous system, recovering from stress, anxiety, and trauma
Part 3- WATER: Navigating Winter's underworld- Easing grief & sadness
Part 4- FIRE: Blooming into Spring- Following our Purpose, Honoring Creation Energy

WHERE: Oakland, CA. Specific addresses to be announced. 

Part 1- November 1, 2014- 10am-1pm
Part 2- December 6, 12-3 pm
Part 3- January 10, 2:30-5:30 pm
Part 4- February 21, 12:30-3:30 pm

FOR WHO: This series was originally motivated by a calling to address the experiences of the SWANA (aka. Middle East and North African, including Arab) communities in moving through times of heightened violence and crisis. Hence, SWANA community members and other communities who have been effected by colonial and systemic forms of violence, loss, and grief are especially encouraged to join this healing space (POC, I'm speaking to you). From Ferguson, to Syria, Gaza, and East Oakland, many of us can use a little extra support these days. PART 1 WILL BE OPEN TO ALL. PARTS 2-4 WILL BE OPEN TO PEOPLE OF COLOR ONLY. 

COST: If you pre-register for the whole series, you get a special price of $100 -$150 total (sliding scale). Pay $50 in first class, and remainder before the end of the second class, or pay all upfront. 

Single class pre-registration fee- Sliding scale, $35-$55, all materials included.

Single class drop-in fee- Sliding scale, $45-$65, all materials included. 

REGISTER: Contact, or 510.866.5668 to register. Space is limited.